a. What is Poetry?
b. Why do we study Poetry?

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  1. Yu Jin Qian Says:


    Poetry is a poem with feelings and expressions

    We study poetry to understand how they write it so that we can learn the language and how to write sentences with expressions

  2. Tai Chen Yu Says:

    a.Poetry to me is an expression of feelings of the author in a short,indirect phrasing of words, giving it a overwhelming surge of various kinds of emotions to the reader.
    b.Erm...to express ourselves better???

  3. Mirza.Dzul Says:

    a. Poetry is an art. An art of expression,feelings and emotion.

    b. We study poetry as a form of literature.

  4. brendon Says:

    a) It is a short paragraph of words that it is about a same topic and the words have rhythm. They also have a meaning behind it.

    b) We will need to know how to find the meaning behind the topic.

  5. Izzat Says:

    a. Poetry is a form of expressing our feelings in a more interesting way.

    b. We study poetry as it is good for expressing ourselves in a more interesting way so that people would be more inclined to read it and also feel the same way.

  6. abram131 Says:

    a) Poetry is literary work in which special intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm.
    b) Because it helps to express the expression of feelings and ideas.

  7. Mikhael Says:

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  8. Grandchaser Says:

    Poetry an art of writing and expressing your feelings to someone.

    We need this to express our feelings and understand others better.

  9. Matthias Lee Says:

    Poetry is a short passage where the last word of each line rhymes.

    We study poetry so that we an express our feelings in a nicer way.

  10. Jonathan Phang Says:

    Poetry is a short message that has meanings. Some poetry have rhyming words while others don't. Poetry helps us express our feelings in a short simple sentence or sentences.We study poetry because poetry is interesting and we have nothing else to study.

  11. Grandchaser Says:

    Ong Ding Shan

  12. stormbreaker Says:

    a) It is a way of expressing feelings through words. It also allows others to have different perspectives of each different poem.

    b) We can understand the logic and concept of how poets express themselves and also why they seem to be always very emotional.

    Tan Siah Wei

  13. Akhil Says:

    a)Poetry is a better way to describe how we feel.
    b)We study poetry so that we an express ourselves better.

  14. hao ming Says:

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  15. WRC Says:

    Ray Chow:
    a. Poetry is a way to express ones feeling through writing.
    b. We study poetry because it is fun

  16. ming yong Says:

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  17. Abu Ubaidah Says:

    Poetry is the beauty of English
    It provides magic in our life.

    Poetry expresses emotions
    It aids us to interpret others.

    Poetry is one of a kind
    Just through language, feelings can be comprehended.

    And thats why we study poetry.

  18. Heo Says:

    a)Poetry is a type of literature.
    b)We study poetry to learn how to express ourselves with writing.

  19. Jake Wee Says:

    Poetry is an art of feelings,expressions and emotions in an indirect way of trying to tell someone something.
    We study poetry because it is a form of literature. We can also use this form of literature to write love letters

  20. hao ming Says:

    a) I think poetry is any poem that consists of words which rhymes.

    b) We study poetry so that we can find out words that rhymes and also how to write it.

  21. Ronak Mehta Says:

    1) I feel that poetry can be something to give a message to the people, to be inspirational, etc. It is in a form of rhyming words; kind of writing. It forms the expression, feelings and thoughts in people.

    2) I think that we study poetry to express our feelings or experiences in a form of writing and also, we can find words to rhyme with.

  22. ming yong Says:

    conversion: poetry is a kind of writing that people can use to express their feelings about a particular subject unlike directly writing a paragraph about it.

  23. daniel tan Says:

    a.Poetry is a short piece of imaginative writing which topic depends on the author's feelings.

    b.We study poetry to be able to understand the authors feeling and do well in exams

  24. Bevan Koo Says:

    A) It is literary work in which pressure is given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of unique style and rhythm.

    B) We can put our feeling into our writing and understand what they are writing.

  25. ming yong Says:

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  26. Joel Says:

    a.Poetry is a expression of feelings about something
    b.Because its a form of litreature

  27. Chan Jia Ler Says:

    a) Poetry is a writing that expresses the writer's feelings

    b) We need to study poetry so that we can express our feelings in a poem

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