Personification Exercise
1. On your English Blog, write three sentences that use
2. Check with your partner before posting them online.
3. Be sure to give some human quality to some non-human thing.
4. Be creative!

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  1. ilikemilkandpie Says:

    1. The shadow seemed to stalk me as i walked down the alley.

    2. The clouds followed jake as he walked in the garden

    3. The bird nest jumped out of the tree and landed on the floor


  2. Jake Wee Says:

    Jake Wee(10)
    1. The headlights winked at us as we walked past the dark alley
    2.Art is a jealous mistress
    3.The flowers were crying for my attention.
    4.Snow had wrapped a white blanket over the city.
    5.The lightning lashed out with anger.
    6.The radio sprang to life at the touch of a button

  3. Mirza.Dzul Says:

    The interesting book captured the reader.

    The computer died when water was splashed on it.

    The flowers begged for water.

    Friendship is like peeing on yourself. Everyone can see it but only you can feel the warmth it brings.O_o

  4. Grandchaser Says:

    The cardboard threw clothes at me like a boogie trap.
    The bird said "hi" to the hunter before its death.
    My wallet become hungry as I become full.

  5. WRC Says:

    1. My macbook said:" It's ten o'clock."
    2. My money walked away from me.
    3. The mouse tiptoed to the trap and stole some Gouda.

    Ray Chow

  6. Grandchaser Says:

    Ong Ding Shan

  7. Joel Says:

    My watch broadcast the time
    The car's alarm wailed
    The shadow followed me as I walked

  8. daniel tan Says:

    The pig devoured food

    The tiger crept silently to its prey

    The peacock walked proudly away

  9. Yu Jin Qian Says:

    The vicious fires licked the floor in front of me.

    The darkness devoured the light slowly as the wire tripped.

    The traffic lights winked at me as i crossed the zebra crossing

  10. Akhil Says:

    1) My Macbook consumed all the energy that was left in its battery.

    2) The chair cried under the sheer mass of John.

    3) My phone rang loudly,crying for my attention.

  11. NXTidiot Says:

    1. The blue whale farted and the entire sea turned green.
    2. The cheetah had diarrhea and was never faster than it's prey.(Cause it's prey ran too fast from the smell.)
    3. The mouse digested the "MacOS Tiger".

  12. Izzat Says:

    1) My Macbook died when its battery went flat.

    2) The forest gave me a cold stare as I got ready to go through it.

    3) My wallet was hungry for money.

  13. Bevan Koo Says:

    The boat walked slowly across the sea.
    My money ran away from my wallet.
    My textbooks and pencil case jumped away from my bag.

  14. Ronak Mehta Says:

    1) After their bus broke down in the middle of the night, it was consumed by the darkness.

    2) The lighting got reckless and blew into rage as the storm came.

    3) The alarm screamed as the car sensors went off.

  15. Chan Jia Ler Says:

    Chan Jia Ler

    1) The fire alarm wailed
    2) The car tires screeched
    3) The machine buzzed

  16. Tai Chen Yu Says:

    1.The dagger licked thine enemy's blood.
    2.The spear consumed the life of countless people.
    3.The iPhone drunk apple cider.

  17. brendon Says:

    1) My television screamed when I switched it on.

    2) The badminton racket screech when I swang it.

    3) The door ran and slammed into the wall.

    Brendon Goh

  18. Jonathan Phang Says:

    1) The table began groaning under the weight of the dishes.

    2) The bird screamed in protest as it fell into the icy cold pond.

    3) The apple screamed as John bit into it.

  19. Matthias Lee Says:

    1)The swan danced gracefully.

    2)My computer hates me.

    3)The table groaned.

  20. Abu Ubaidah Says:

    The frog burped up a fly.
    The chair cried under the weight of the fat boy.
    The air-conditioner coughed up some cold air.

  21. yub Says:

    1) The chair started to moan under the weight of the fat man.

    2) Darkness took over the room as the candle blew up.

    3) My phone shouted for my attention, ringing loudly.

  22. hao ming Says:

    1) My bag exploded and everything inside blasted out.

    2) The cat cried when the mouse ran away from it(it was very sad that it did not catch the mouse).

    3) The train scampered across the track(moving very fast).

  23. stormbreaker Says:

    1) The ravenous fire devoured everything in its path.
    2) The blistering heat made the sun seem to smile sardonically at me.
    3) The darkness in the cave seemed to swallow whatever light that emitted from his torch.


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